Tennis course


A. Introduction to the subject
Tennis is a very popular and popular sport in the world. Over the past 10 years, this discipline has flourished in Vietnam. Many people think that Tennis is only for adults with strong, traumatic, physically demanding movements ... But in reality, this is also a very useful and interesting sport for children and is the children especially love ...

Understanding this, we have been promoting tennis classes for children in children's ages with classrooms that are tailored to their child's condition in four stages: from 3 to 5 years old, 5-8 years, 8-9 years, and 10 years onwards. A dedicated and dedicated team of coaches, along with basic and advanced training, will create a lot of excitement for them when they come to these tennis classes.

B. Learning Objectives

  •     Development of the senses, physical strength of the children, increased endurance.
  •     Once you have mastered the movements, the trainees will be instructed in two forms of fighting; Single and double. The tactical techniques in the competition to control the ability to master the ball, master the game in the best way.

Coming to tennis class for kids, the kids will be equipped with:
C. Road map
I. Theory:

  •     Learn about the concepts of tennis.

  •     Compare to see the difference between tennis and other sports such as badminton, table tennis.

II. Practical tennis:

  •     Get to know the racquet and the ball. The set of supplemental exercises helps them to increase their ability to reflect, and the agility of their body improves with the subject.

  •     Practice basic tennis moves.

  •     Get to know the movements with small racquet and light ball.

  •     Tapping exercises with easy and light exercises. And the degree of difficulty will also increase according to the ability of each practitioner.

In addition to the different ages we will have different training methods to suit the condition of the baby. Detail:
1. For children 3-5 years old:
Will learn the basics of tennis. The goal of this stage is to make the children enjoy the game through a variety of fun activities, based on the basic game of balance, coordination, agility, movement and skill. The power of the racket with the ball.
2. Children 5-8 years old:
Get in touch with the short (52-58cm) and softball (balloon or ball 75% slower than normal). This stage young players can play the actual tennis match with many different technical hits on the mini yard area of ​​11m x 6m x 5.5m (equivalent to Badminton), net 80cm high. Be encouraged to play exciting competition in teams and individuals.

3. For ages 8 - 9 years:
They began developing games and mass-production techniques and tactics. The racquet is shorter, the ball is still soft but the pitch is larger. This is the preparation stage for the children to play on the field and gradually develop techniques to hit different shots as well as tactics in the game.
4. From 10 years onwards:
They play on the big yard, the racquet is bigger and the ball is just a bit lighter than normal. This is also the stage for you to perfect all the tennis techniques of this subject.
SPECIAL: Children with good workouts will be selected to participate in several tennis tournaments for children ...
D. Mode, school calendar
1. Form:
This is a group learning style that increases the spirit of solidarity, mutual support and cost savings for students.
- Up to 8 students per class, 1 master coach and 2 assistant coaches.
- Good learning tools, full facilities and tennis court meeting the standards of air quality, drinking water.
- Learn with people of the same age and level.
2. Children tennis lesson schedule:
- Study with the time and place according to the will of the trainees.
- Classroom option in class.

Coming to Duy Manh tennis class, children will learn the knowledge as well as tennis skills quickly and easily. Children's tennis is a good sport to effectively work. To improve the physical strength, the immune system and the height of the child, the choice of this sport is the right direction of their families. In addition, the Center will create conditions for children with gifted subjects. Take great tournaments if you want.

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Cơ sở 1: 367 Hoàng Hoa Thám P.12, Quận Tân Bình
Cơ sở 2: Sân thi đấu Lan Anh - Quận 10
Cơ sở 3: Sân khu đô thị Vinhome - Quận Bình Thạnh
Cơ sở 4: Sân Nguyễn Xí - Quận Bình Thạnh

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